Pucca Models for Sustainable Community Development

If Jeevan Deep's goal is community growth for the underpriviliged communities in Bodhgaya district, then health care is requirement, education is means, and self-organising, sustainable community projects are method.

Inspired by the community growth programs initiated by Vinoba Bhave more than half a century ago, and armed with a loadful of young adults who have profited from our non-formal education scheme, the village communities in Bodhgaya are now busy organising themselves: Jeevan Deep Women Empowerment Groups have weekly meetings and discuss community matters. Trees are being planted, wells being dugged. Sewing classes provide vocational training, sewing groups are setting up small workshops. We do not lack enthusiasm or ideas. How sad, that so many of them are snapped in the bud, simply because we lack the budget to make them come true.

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