Non-Formal Education | Stepstone to Community Growth

Tagore Philosophy of EducationGandhi visiting ShantiniketanJeevan Deep SchoolJanardan at work

Jeevan Deep Schools have proved to be of exceptional value in the delicate rural society structure of Bodhgaya's backward communities. First aiming at convincing parents of the value of education, our schools are set up in open air, in the middle of the village, for everyone to see. Children are invited to participate in the learning experience, which is exclusively by means of interactive games, songs, dances and roleplays - ensuring a learning curve based on excitement, fun, and the wish for more.

Thus playfully preparing a new generation of rural children who would be locked into their status-quo if it wouldn't be for our efforts, Jeevan Deep has managed to get 20% of its kids to be admitted to government schools every year. 

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